Purchasing a new ambulance or specialist vehicle can be a daunting process, so at Code Blue SV we aim to make it as simple as possible. As a supplier of patient handling equipment, we can supply your vehicle ready to go, including stretchers, scoops, carry chairs and suction units etc.

We supply all ancillary medical equipment at cost when you purchase one of our vehicles, that means you can make huge savings over buying and equipping your vehicle separately.

This also means you are able to fund both vehicle and equipment as one, simplifying the process.

Buying a new vehicle gives you peace of mind that you will have no unexpected bills to pay after purchase. Our conversion warranty and the base vehicle manufacturers warranty last the length of a typical funding plan, meaning you can get on with growing your business and providing the best possible care to your clients, instead of worrying when the next expensive break down is going to occur.

When you look at the whole life costs of new versus used vehicles, you will discover that new vehicles are not as expensive as you think, with the added reassurance that you will have no unforeseen expense.

Code blue SV work closely with a number of selected partners who can assit in financing your new vehicles.