Code Blue Specialist Vehicles are the UK distributor for Promeba Emergency and Rescue. This gives us access to the very latest Patient handling, extraction and immobilisation equipment available. We can supply equipment at cost when you purchase a new vehicle from us, or supply them as stand alone items. Please contact us for further information and prices. Discounts are available for members of the Independent Ambulance Association.

​Download our Medical Equipment Catalogue Here.

PC-750 Electric Stretcher and PB-720 Stretcher support combine to form a 'Next Generation' patient loading system. Electrically operated, it reduces injury in medical personnel and provides a comfortable experience for the patient. Uniquely, once loaded the stretcher can be traversed from the side to the centre of the vehicle, giving far better access to the patient for air-way management etc. We supply this stretcher already equipped with bariatric support sides, 02 holder etc.

Storage for a scoop or board is built into the stretcher support. This system provides huge savings over competitor products (Over 40%) and allows you to remove lowering systems, winches and rear ramps from vehicle builds, giving even greater savings.

Download the PC-750 Catalogue here.