Purchasing a new ambulance or specialist vehicle can be a daunting process, so at Code Blue SV we aim to make it as simple as possible. As a supplier of patient handling equipment, we can supply your vehicle ready to go, including stretchers, scoops, carry chairs and suction units etc.

We supply all ancillary medical equipment at cost when you purchase one of our vehicles, which means you can make huge savings over buying and equipping your vehicle separately.

This also means you are able to fund both vehicle and equipment as one, simplifying the process.

Buying a new vehicle gives you peace of mind that you will have no unexpected bills to pay after purchase. Our conversion warranty and the base vehicle manufacturers warranty last the length of a typical funding plan, meaning you can get on with growing your business and providing the best possible care to your clients, instead of worrying when the next expensive break down is going to occur.

When you look at the whole life costs of new versus used vehicles, you will discover that new vehicles are not as expensive as you think, with the added reassurance that you will have no unforeseen expense.

Code blue SV work closely with a number of selected partners who can assist in financing your new vehicles.

Vehicle Type Approval is the confirmation that production samples of a design will meet specified performance standards. Traditionally, there are two systems of Type Approval in Europe. The first one bases on the EC Directives and regulates the approval of whole vehicles, vehicle systems, and separate components. The second one is part of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe regulations (UNECE) and also regulates the approval of whole vehicles, vehicle systems, and separate components. Recent changes to the requirements have seen the General Safety Regulation (GSR) EC661/2009 amending Directive 2007/46/EC by substituting the equivalent UNECE Regulations in place of the EC Directives. In effect the Directives are being replaced by UNECE Regulations. This now makes compliance with the UNECE Regulations for Type Approval submissions compulsory from 1 November 2012 and compulsory for all vehicles entering to service from 1 November 2014.

What does this mean for our customers?

‚ÄčIn essence, having vehicles with Type Approval ensures that our conversions meet all the latest European Directives for quality, safety and are built to the same standard as the base vehicle manufacturer.
Not only is this a guarantee of quality, it also allows the registration process to be streamlined, with vehicles being registered with the correct category immediately, with no further testing required.
Each vehicle is supplied with a 'Certificate of Conformity'. 

We can provide European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval on all of the listed vehicles

Our policy

Every vehicle supplied by Code Blue Specialist Vehicles comes with an industry leading 36 month warranty on all conversion parts and labour. 

We carry an extensive stock of spare parts for all our conversions and will respond to any issues immediately. 

We provide technical assistance over the phone (7 days a week) and will attend any reported faults as soon as possible.

We believe that preventative maintenance is key. Therefore, we carry out a 'Specialist Vehicle Health Check' on all vehicles supplied. Every 8 weeks, for a period of 12 months from delivery, we will undertake a comprehensive service check. This inspection covers all the technical aspects of your vehicle conversion. A full report is made available highlighting any remedial action required.

Funding your new vehicle is easy and affordable, ENSURING THAT YOU GET THE BEST DEAL